[Dipleague] houses,cottages,flats,rooms to let

Brian Makombera habourconnect at zol.co.zw
Mon Aug 29 12:01:38 CAT 2016

bachelor town $250incl
Eastlea flat 2share $150incl
Avenues 1bed $350incl
Pamvura 3beds garden flat $650
Avenues 1bed $400
Hatfield bedsitter(no kitchen)$160inc

Ashdown park 1 bed $300
Mainway 1bed $240incl
Braeside 1bed $230
Avondale 1 rmed $120 singles
Sunridge 1 rmed $130 singles
Waterfalls 2 beds $300
Milton 1bed $300incl,no kids
Newlands 2 & hlf $230incl
Borrowdale wst bachelor pad $240incl
Sunridge 2big rmed $250incl
Avonlea 2rmed $200incl
Cranborne 2 rmed $200incl
Qeensdale 2rmed chiremba rd
Cranborne 2 big rooms
Avondale 1&hlf $160incl
Hillside1&hlf $180inc
Borrowdale 1bed $350incl
Sunningdale 1bed $250
Dawnview 1bed $250incl
Hatfield 2 rooms $180incl
Hatfield 2bed $300neg
Hatfield 1 roomed $90
Dawnview 1and half $160incl
St Martins 1bed $300incl
Weastlea  rooms available
Highfields 4 roomed $200
Highfields 2 roomed $100
Hatfield 1&hlf $130incl
Haughton park 2rmed $200incl
Msasa 1room $100incl
Queensdale 1bed $230 incl
Milton 1 roomed $150incl
Highlands 1big room cottage $170incl
Belvedere 1 room cottage $120 incl
Eastlea 1 room $120
Eastlea 2 rmed $200incl.
Malbra 1room $100incl
Hatfield 2beds$300

Belvedere 4bds $800
Vainona hse to share
Cranborne 4beds,ensuite $650
Malbreign 3beds $600

Wanted stands with adequate documentation.
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