[Dipleague] ECONET CONNECTED HOME - Effective and Affordable Home Security System Package from Econet

Vhukile Rimbi vrimbi at heritage.co.zw
Wed Aug 31 10:30:59 CAT 2016

Secure, monitor and control your home from anywhere.


Econet ConnectedHome allows you to secure, monitor and control your home
with the use of high end alarm systems and related accessories such as IP
Cameras, smart plugs, a mobile application as well as rapid response
reaction services in the event of an intrusion or attempted intrusion.




1.       Pet immune motion detection inside and outside the house

2.       Window/Door guards to detect unauthorized opening or attempted

3.       On site solar powered strobe siren to deter intruders

4.       Panic button

5.       SMS alerts send to you and 5 other people of their choice in the
event of an intrusion or attempted intrusion

6.       One can arm or disarm system remotely via SMS or Mobile Application
as well as Remote Control units.




1.     Guard Alert Rapid Response in the event of any form of detected
intrusion or attempted intrusion

2.     Glass break detection

3.     LP Gas detection

4.     Smoke detection

5.     Curtain motion detection

6.     IP Camera to remotely view and monitor the home 24/7

7.     Smart plugs to remotely switch ON/OFF appliances from a mobile




1.       Cost Savings

2.       Peace of mind

3.       Personal and flexible

4.       24/7 support

5.       Dedicated account management

6.       Econet ConnectedHome Mobile Application


Installation Fee is USD 70.00 and you pay monthly subscriptions of USD 25.00
for Standard Package (without rapid response) or USD 35.00 for Standard Plus
Package (including rapid response) for 24 months.


Payments are conveniently made directly to Econet in Cash, through Ecocash
(Biller 00020) or through a Steward Bank account.


Hurry for our promotional benefits.


To sign up or for further inquiries, please contact

Vhukile Rimbi (Sales Agent)

Whatsapp 0785 708 487  or SMS or call 0734 836 462

Email vhukie at gmail.com <mailto:vhukie at gmail.com> 

Twitter @vhukie


Skype  vhukie


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