[Dipleague] Rooms,cottages,flats,houses available now

David sanhousing at zol.co.zw
Mon Oct 2 15:45:18 CAT 2017

Available 1 October
Norrthworld 3beds 1000incl
Greendale 3beds 550 lease fee rqrd
Glen norah 2beds 200
Tynwald 3beds 350
Avondale 2 SHARE 200


Marimba 2roomed 200 bhole
Cranborne 1&hlf 120incl
Braeside 1inside room120incl
MILTON 1 ROOM 100incl
Malbra 1room 100
Kambuzuma 55
Westgate 100incl
Hatfield 80
Prospect 80

Chisipite 300incl b/hole
Haig Park malbereign 1bed 245
Hatfield1 bed 250
Cold comfort 1bed 200
Dawnview 1bed 230
Malbereign 1bed 260incl
Chadcombe 1bed 230

Hatfield 2beds 400
Mandara 2beds 380incl
Bluffhill 2beds280
Mandara 2beds,mint,fitted,b/hole neat 450incl
Waterfalls 4beds 450
Chadcombe 2bds300

Warren pk to share 280
Glennorah 3beds 300
Warren pk hse to share 280
Marimba 4beds 500
Malbra 3beds 500

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