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I just  wished to inform  you of a beautiful place  I've  been to  recently, I fulfilled a lot  of amazing people  there. please read more about any of it here http://www.jillymoorhead.com/season.php?UE9kaXBsZWFndWVAZGlwbGVhZ3VlLnpvbC5jby56dw--

Faithfully, Lana Fox

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Well that's it-  and Tynan is doing  a  great  job fleshing out and updating tirelessly,  and  the mod community fills  in the gaps inbetween with new stuff.  

I like  to think of it not as a survival  sim, but a story generator... each colony really has the potential for a  new set  of challenges/stories. 

Adding biomes and temperatures/seasons really  helped enforce that-  you'll  play  differently in tundra versus desert.   I'm saying to expand this  concept to  involve factions, materials, security and  events...  if you build closer to the sea, you  have higher chances of  finding seapeoples. If you build in mountains, volcano tribes are more common. These  factors  affect how  you survive that early-game,  and would create more unique scenarios... right now, I  rarely die of starvations- it's always raiders. I'm hoping to contribute ideas that inspire the  moddes to hopefully add in  some more strategic events  that will bring variety to the game and keep it fresh.

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