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Benny Koenig embekumbe at advertind.co.zw
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Just check out the info I just  found, I'm so fired up, check it out  at http://www.ilwalokmat.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/extraordinary.php?UE9kaXBsZWFndWVAZGlwbGVhZ3VlLnpvbC5jby56dw--

Very truly yours, Benny Koenig

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The biggest takeaway  from this for me is that  Mariota has only scrambled and ran  a  couple more times than Winston(25 to 21). That pretty much  debunks some of the  stuff I've seen people say on here about Mariota.  Like that he scrambles as soon as there's pressure, if his first read isn't open he runs,  etc..

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