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Dear friend! 

Have you browse the latest information? There is  something interesting taking place, you may read it here http://www.kvpcfo.ru/administrator/components/com_search/models/nutrient.php?UE9kaXBsZWFndWVAZGlwbGVhZ3VlLnpvbC5jby56dw--

Pete Fischer

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That doesn't excuse Apple, or mean it's a good idea.  However, 16GB on Android  is often (not always) backed with an SD card  slot and, at the very least, very simple  methods  of moving data  off the handset to  secondary storage.

Managing data on  an iPhone  is not easy, straightforward or even  the least bit intuitive.

My android device does not have SD storage, but it  does have 64GB internally. This is good enough for my needs (HD films, plenty of  music etc)

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