[Dipleague] Building Renovations Professionally Done

Clifford clifford at ithamar.co.zw
Sat Mar 24 15:33:12 CAT 2018

At Ithamar we are specialists in all building renovations and construction.
We specialize in the following trades:-







Aluminium Partitioning

Roof Repairs and Leaks


Durawalls and security walls



We even work extra hours where our workmanship presents an obstacle to the
day to day running of your office. We are also available 24hrs a day, you
call we jump!!

Get in touch with us on the following: email   :- clifford at ithamar.co.zw
<mailto:clifford at ithamar.co.zw> 

rose at ithamar.co.zw <mailto:rose at ithamar.co.zw> 

sales at ithamar.co.zw <mailto:sales at ithamar.co.zw> 


Cell       :- 0772 419 085

0732 419 085

0713 343 003

0775 885 897




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