[Dipleague] Scenario Planning and Strategic Thinking Program 5-6 July Birchwood Hotel, Joburg, SA

Regina Mapfumo regina at strategicadvisoryint.org
Tue Jun 12 11:31:07 CAT 2018

Are you sufficiently prepared for a range of alternative future scenarios your organisation could face?

​​​​​​​​​​​​Learn how to build an effective scenario plan and think strategically in a complex and uncertain environment. This programme will explore a structured approach to strategic thinking and decision-making, and demonstrate the use of scenario planning as a useful technique in planning and navigating a company's future in complex and uncertain environments.

Delegates will get hands-on experience of scenario planning techniques through a diverse range of live business case studies that illustrate how this strategic tools works.

Who should attend? 

This programme is for leaders; managers; directors; business unit heads; functional specialists; business development managers and business research & development heads 

How you will benefit: After attending this programme, delegates will be able to:

*	Understand how to think strategically in a complex, uncertain and changing environment;
*	Assemble the basic building blocks of a practical scenario plan;
*	Scan the environment to identify trends, drivers of change and key uncertainties;
*	Construct alternative future scenarios facing your organisation;
*	Test your current business idea against a range of different futures;
*	Identify how to develop a resilient strategy to cope with these uncertainties;
*	Define the capabilities required to execute this strategy; and
*	Build a scenario plan for a range of situations and organisations​.

Email: regina at strategicadvisoryint.org or call: +263 4 573115 / 0773 443 174 for  more details and registration


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