[Dipleague] Bathtub Resurfacing and Stain Removals Services

Maestro konstructionmaestro at zol.co.zw
Thu Aug 2 06:01:20 CAT 2018

Is your bath tub old and the old paint peeling
off? Are the tape leakages corroding the enamel off and and ugly trail
is now appearing and giving your tub a horrible look?
If yes, all you need to do is just ring the Maestro for ;

Same colour Re enamelling of bathtubs and basins,

Enameling of Wall Tiles or colour change,
Change of colour re-enamelling,

Bathtub, basin and toilet bowl stain removal,

Fridge, Stove and Freezer Re-enameling,

Elevator Door Recoating.

Call the Maestro on 0772 899 937 / 0712 328 530

Workmanship Beyond Imagination

konstructionmaestro at zol.co.zw

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