[Dipleague] Your Hardware Requirements At affordable Prices

Clifford clifford at ithamar.co.zw
Wed Aug 15 12:10:56 CAT 2018

At Ithamar Enterprises we have in stock all your electrical, plumbing,
protective clothing and hardware needs for you. Let us know what you are
failing to find and we will help you out. Do not worry yourself as we
deliver where ever you are. Do not hesitate to contact us on all your needs
on the following:-

Cell      :-  0772 419 085 (Also on Whatsapp)

                  0732 419 085 (Also on Whatsapp)

                  0713 343 003

E-mail :- clifford at ithamar.co.zw <mailto:clifford at ithamar.co.zw> 

                  rose at ithamar.co.zw <mailto:rose at ithamar.co.zw> 

                  sales at ithamar.co.zw <mailto:sales at ithamar.co.zw>    





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