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Wed Aug 29 13:40:19 CAT 2018

Come and learn more on Longrich! Get your skin and personal care products,  magnetic sanitary pads and panyliners, and many more
Visit us at Avondale shops, Barclays building, 50 King George road
2nd Floor, Office #55

Longrich networking business is easy
*no registration fee required, you only need to do the following 3 steps:

1.     Choose one of our four entry levels starting from as little as R1500

2.    Plan your product selection

3.    Complete registration form and submit together with your product selection
Thereafter you start health and personal care benefiting from over 2000 products and start earning from our 6 bonuses and incentives

Why Longrich?

-        Its bonus payment is weekly

-        No monthly targets

-        Accumulative Point system

-        Selling is a choice

-        You win yourself Degree Program to study in China

-        House/Car/Travel Incentives

-        Limit to 3 direct people hence promoting team work and enjoy the power of 3 x 3
I call those networkers and those eager to learn to join my team

For more details visit our website
Weekly meetings are held every Fridays from 2pm  and Saturdays from 10am, by appointment @ Avondale Barclays Building 2nd floor office #55
call/whatsup for registration process on 0773403033/0712712509
Join Longrich today, for Better Life, Better Future!

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