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Is it your wish to learn from your data?? If so, talk to your statistician and dissertation consultant early to avoid submission and /or presentation of half-backed work:
Data and geo/statistical analysis using High Resolution and high Level graphical plots for:
- Research/ Academic work & /or Professional publications
- Dissertations/ Research (ND, HND, BSc/Btech/BA, MSc/MA/MBA and PhDs/DBAs)
1.     Geo-statistical (Spatial statistics) Analysis
- Sampling protocol formulation & design for geo-statistical sampling
- Variogram and autocorrelation modeling
- Natural resource modeling for geological exploration (e.g. Au, Cu2+,Pt, Pb2+, etc)
- Modelling of the spatial structure of a regionalized variable
- Kriging (ordinary kriging, kriging with external drift, disjunctive kriging, regression kriging etc)
- Spatial prediction/ interpolation, exploratory data analysis and interpretation
2.     Quantitative interpretation of qualitative data
- Qualitative data conversion from questionnaire/ interview guides to graphical and statistical plots
- Graphical exploratory analysis & display of qualitative, categorical , ordered categorical & demographic data
- Capturing, reading and exportation of data from spreadsheets to the R statistical and computing environment
- Categorical variable data storage and database build-up using the R statistical and computing environment
3.     Classical (traditional) statistical Data Analysis- parametric and Non-parametric
- The Frequentist and Bayesian paradigms to data handling and processing
- Sampling theory and practice
- Questionnaire design and data pre-processing & statistical analysis
- Exploratory data analysis/ display
- Inferential statistics, interpretation and scientific reporting
- Multiple linear (Regression) and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
- Detailed analysis, with state of the art graphics, tabulations and displays
- Hypothesis formulation, testing and validation
4.     Geographic information systems (GIS) & Remote Sensing
- Spatial data handling, processing and manipulation
- Spatial data display, modeling and analysis using 3-D geo-browsers.
- Vector and raster data creation, processing
- Geo-referencing and digitization of raster data (i.e., satellite imagery, topographic maps & aerial photos)
- Geo-processing geo-database modelling
Contact:   +263 776 016 883

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