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Hygiene  Supplies Specials !!!!!



As the leading hand hygiene expert  WCHS is dedicated to the protection and
wellbeing of staff at the workplace .We strives to eliminate  the spread of
infectious diseases in the workplace by providing   a wide range of Hygiene
supplies from essentials like chemicals, rolls and paper towels to hardware
products like:- 

.             Air Fresheners

.             Anti-bacterial Toilet Seat cleaner

.             Hand Dryers

.             Hand Sanitizer

.             Paper Hand Towel Dispenser

.             Sanitary Bins

.             Soap Dispensers

.             Toilet & Urinal Sanitizers

.             Toilet Paper Dispenser

.             Channel Blocks

.             Cleaning Services

.             Cleaning Chemicals

.             Cleaning Equipment

Why not provide the best environment for your staff, customers and visitors,
with WCHS's valued Washroom Service? Get your washroom fitted and supplied
by our trained and committed staff. Get your quote today.Contact us now on
0773 468413 or Email  <mailto:sales at washroomcare.co.zw>
sales at washroomcare.co.zw .


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