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All solid text (no figures, tables or pictures) guides US$15 each payable in
advance via ecocash to 0778 393 777 (Jennifer Edwards).  Please send your
POP with your full name on email.  Your document will be emailed to you on
pdf attachment once payment is received.


Once you have finalised your plan, I offer a proof reading and editing
service.  I will attend to consistency of: format, layout, headings and
font/font point; syntax and flow of text; spelling, punctuation and grammar
for any length of document. Research papers, project proposals,
dissertations, theses, letters and any and all other documents. Charge is
dependent on length and complexity, a no-obligation quote for your document
by emailing it to me in MSWord.  Confidentiality and professionalism is


Contact: Jenni Ferguson: 0778 393 777 (whatsapp) or 0712 215 897.  See
<http://www.professionalcvbusiness.co.zw> www.professionalcvbusiness.co.zw
for background and other services offered including HR related services.


'How To Write:' Instructional Guides - Content Lists


How To Write: a Business Plan (11 pages)

1       Introduction 

2       Do your Homework

3       Start-up and Existing Businesses 

4       The Right Kind of Plan for your Business 

5       6 Tips to Extract the Most Value from your Plan in the Least Amount
of Time 

6       12 Tips for a Winning Business Plan 

7       What not to include in Your Business Plan 

8       Business Plan Outline 


How To Write: a Business Proposal (8 pages)

1       Introduction 

2      Preparation 

3      20 Tips for a Winning Business Proposal 

4      The Fundamentals of Writing a Business Proposal

5      The Basic Structure of Your Business Proposal

6      Proposal Formatting

7      Business Proposal Outline 


How To Write: a Business Report (6 pages)

1       Introduction 

2       Planning 

3       14 Tips for Writing your Business Report 

4       Business Report Outline 


How to Write: a Full Grant Proposal (10 pages)

1       Introduction 

2       3 Types of Proposals: Purpose, Set-up & Pros

3       Ready and Prepared to Go for Grants?  17 Steps To Follow

4       27 Tips for Writing a Successful Grant Proposal 

5       What to avoid in your Proposal 

6       The Full Grant Proposal Outline 

7       Responding to Acceptance or Rejection 







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