Dumba, Melody M dumbam at stanbic.com
Wed Dec 12 09:30:02 CAT 2018

We have high quality 100% Brazilian and peruvian hair at an affordable price grade 10A

8inch  3 Bundles $50 USD
10inch 3 bundles $65 usd
12inch 3 bundles $75 usd
14 inch 3 bundles $90 usd
16 inch 3 bundles $100usd
18 inch 3 bundlles $115usd
20 inch 3 bundles $125usd

3 part and middle part closures

8 inch $25usd
10 inch $30usd
12 inch $35usd
14 inch $40usd
16 inch $45usd

Ear to ear closure wavy
10 inch $50usd
16 inch $80usd

Bob wigs 8 inch $75usd
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