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Would you like to venture into yet another Business?

Do u want to run your own Business? Are u looking for something lucrative to
do for yourself, family and your future? Are u up for a challenge? Well all
you need is $240+/$130 to get your Business up and running and enjoy it,
joining is absolutely free!!You just need to buy your stock with any of the
amounts above which is  absolutely risk free!!

Make Money Sharing the Business Opportunity and Marketing the Aloe Vera
Products(Health Care Products) as well!!

The Benefits would include :

  To become Financially free- Excellent and unlimited pay§

  To have more free time§

  To work from home§

  To be your own Boss§

  To earn extra income§

  To get out of debt or avoid getting into debt§

  For personal§ & financial development

  To meet new people§

  To help others achieve their dreams and develop their full potential§

  To secure early retirement§

  Benefit from the Networking Community§

  To join is completely FREE!§




Better Health. 

More Wealth. 

A secure Future.

Other incentives and opportunities that come about with the Business are :-

  Running your very own Profitable Business§

  Car Ownership Programme§

  International Travel Opportunities-Exotic Vacations(Earn trips around the

  Flexibility of working from home§

  Flexible working Hours§

  Award winning support§& training

  Earn Retail Profits-Up to 43% Retail Profit of each Product you sell.§

  New Distributor Profit-21.5% Profit on  personally sponsored New
Distributor purchases i.e. get $88+ for each person you bring into the

  Personal Bonus-5% to 18% on Retail purchases of your personal and New
Distributor Volume.§

  Earn Team Leading Bonuses§

  Royalty Incomes and Profit Share Programme§


So, you don’t have to look any further!!If you have what it takes to get
that dream car,

 house, education, finance all the things you want to without having

to wait only for your Basic Salary. 

E-Mail/Call/TXT me if u are interested in this  lucrative, GREAT Business

If you feel the need to try out any of the Products please let me know.You
are most welcome!!

Remember, Small opportunities are the start of huge enterprises.  

For more details on this very Great Exciting Business Opportunity please do
not hesitate to contact the undersigned & if also interested in Purchasing
any of the Products!!!

So go ahead and become a Distributor of high quality Health Care Products!!

It’s all to do with Networking!!

I will send you more info on App soon..

For more info please feel free to visit the
<http://website-www.foreverliving.com/> Website-www.foreverliving.com






Mike T. Mareverwa

 <mailto:mmareverwa09 at gmail.com> mmareverwa09 at gmail.com

Cell Nos-0772760188 (APP)/0772760188 (CALL)

Health, Wealth and Happiness all in one Package!!

I look forward to doing Business with you!!



Telephone: +263 4 774 013-6 | Mobile: +263 719760188

Email:  <mailto:mmayanga at doves.co.zw> mmareverwa at doves.co.zw | Website:
<http://www.doves.co.zw/> www.doves.co.zw

Address: No 159, Felden House, Harare Street, Harare


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                                  “for the ones you love”



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