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Lost your Libido? Tired of the embarrassments of peeing yourself,  
bedwetting or frequent urination? Can’t seem to sleep at night? Want  
to Quit Smoking? Have tried everything for your skin condition? Weak  
Immune System?

Herbi-Resolve is a leading supplier of organic herbal supplements and  
natural remedies for your optimum wellness.
Our herbal range is 100% organic and comes mainly in tincture (spray),  
drops, powder, capsules and dried herb form. They help in relieving  
Pain and Inflammation; Supports and Balances the Body’s Natural  
Processes; improves sleep, immunity and energy; improves sexual  
ability and help combat erectile dysfunction, impotence and  
infertility; delays the aging of the body; reduces cholesterol;  
maintains acid base balance in the body; controls the bladder; helps  
in reducing the cravings of smoking; regulates the hormonal function  
amongst many other remedies

Our herbal products are mainly in tincture form

Why Use Tinctures?
The use of tinctures to administer herbs has immense benefits.
-	tinctures are easy to use, just a quick easy spray on the tongue
-	The solution of the tincture means herbs are absorbed much more  
quickly into circulation, and therefore begin to take effect faster  
than other methods, especially capsules
-	tinctures are actually one of the most effective means of taking  
herbal medicines, especially for managing acute conditions
-	Unlike herbal teas and powders, they do not need to be prepared  
multiple times per day
-	Tinctures do not present difficulty in swallowing like a capsule.
-	Tinctures are the only way to get fresh plant medicine
Contact us:
Email: herbs at herbiresolve.co.zw ; Call/app 0774 380 887; Facebook:  
Herbi Resolve

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