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Winter School for Information & Records Management PERSONNEL

 29 -31 May 2019, Chengeta Lodge, Selous 

 To provide an understanding on how documents become records (but not all
do) assisting in identifying those  documents and processes which generate
records, and how to ensure that the documents are properly managed so that
authentic records can be created, managed and archived. The winter school
will bring together Compliance, Risk Management and Operational information
requirements in a way that delivers benefits to business units in

The people who will benefit most from this training would be: Records and
Registry Officials; Departmental managers responsible for Records
Management; Departmental/Unit records coordinators; IT staff responsible for
records management; Secretaries/PAs 

winter schol for stores & Inventory Personnel 

5 - 7 June, Carribea Bay    5-7 June, Carribea Bay Hotel, Kariba 

To provide an understanding of Purchasing, Inventory Control Techniques,
Stores procedures for persons engaged in the field of Materials Management.
The winter school is designed for the Middle Management and Stores
Assistants/Clerks who are engaged in Stores Function in the Public & Private
Sector Organizations.


Winter School  for Executive Support Staff, Secretaries & Office

 15-17 May 2019, Chengeta Lodge, Selous

This winter school will help you to discover, build and refine ways to lead
from your support position to benefit your organisation and yourself in
troubled economic times. You will understand how to design a self-evaluation
system that can be routinely and formally used to chart your professional
development; discover how current technology can be used to strategically
navigate your busy day and add value to your role and learn more about the
projected evolution of the administrative support role, exploring proven
ways to manage projects, work with teams, communicate effectively and

Who Should Attend: Executive Assistants of various experience levels;
Secretaries; Receptionists; Administrative Assistants

Regina Mapfumo

Business Development Manager

Tel: +263 4 573115 Mobile: +263 773 443 174

Email: regina at strategicadvisoryint.org


An organization's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action
rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage. - Jack Welch 




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