[Dipleague] Does your Board need a Strategy Committee?

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There are various approaches and action steps for strategic planning.
However, as the workload for boards has increased, establishing Strategy
Committees to help them fulfil their responsibility for strategy is highly
recommended. There are a number of reasons for this. Not all directors will
be as familiar as others with the general industry environment in which the
organisation operates or with the specifics of the particular business.
Similarly, the depth of knowledge, skills and general abilities of
individual directors can have a significant impact on the ability of the
board to contribute to the strategic processes of an organisation. Another
factor is the willingness and capability of the board to be kept fully
informed in areas essential to making a significant contribution to strategy


Does your board need a Strategy Committee?

Strategic Advisory will equip your organisation with customised training on
how to establish a Strategy Committee for a special project and how they
monitor, implement or help management identify critical strategic issues
facing the organisation and the formulation of terms of references that
tightly controls the activities of the Committee so it does not lessen the
role of the board as a whole.

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