[Dipleague] Have your DOCUMENT Proof Read and Edited

Jenni Ferguson spiderz at mweb.co.zw
Fri May 17 07:04:43 CAT 2019

Proof Reading/Editing of all Documents 


I will attend to consistency of: format, layout, headings and font/font
point; syntax and flow of text; spelling, punctuation and grammar for any
length of document. Research papers, project and business proposals,
dissertations, theses, letters and any and all other documents. 


Charge is dependent on length/complexity, space used by images (reducing
cost per page) and amount of work involved: a no-obligation quote for your
document by emailing it to me in MSWord. Confidentiality and professionalism
is assured.


Local (Zimbabwean) payments via ecocash or online bank transfer; external
payments via Moneygram at USD/RTGS rate.  


Contact Jenni Ferguson : email  <mailto:spiderz at mweb.co.zw>
spiderz at mweb.co.zw, mobiles 0778 393 777 (whatsapp), 0712 215 897











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