Dipleague Rules

Your message will be rejected if:

IT IS FROM A FREE EMAIL ADDRESS (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.)

Please do NOT post multiple messages and duplicates. If you are a new member your posts are being moderated.

If your message is rejected, it will be For ONE or MORE or the following reasons:

  1. Your message was too big (max 100KB)- shrink the photos of that car, take out the incredimail s...tuff, take out your 300KB logo....and your fifteenth mailscanner virus safe notice.
  2. You have posted duplicates - it is too time consuming for me to stop duplicates so I will be rejecting any item that has been duplicated - so take the notice that you should not resubmit - also note that the same message is not to be repeated more than once a week.
  3. You have posted on behalf of a friend - friends should post on their own behalf and if they don't want to "get all that mail" they can turn delivery off.
  4. You don't have a subject to your email.
  5. You are sending to dipleague because you are sending something to your whole address list and thought adding another 2700 people can't hurt.
  6. You believe everyone should share your new ZEN motorcycle philosophy.
  7. You have picked up on an off-topic argument - like the cooking oil stuff.
  8. You have sent your reply to the ENTIRE list by replying to a digest email rather than the sender.
  9. You have decided to ask the list rather than the sender to cc you too - or copy you...
  10. You are sending an unsubscribe message to the list - if you want to unsubscribe - send a blank email to dipleague-leave@dipleague.zol.co.zw